Mystic Travelers...
Noble Quest...
Golden Illuminations...
Bamboo Chi
Asian Fusion of Yin & Yang:
Authentic-Traditional and
Cirque Contemporary
Emerging Hawaii
Volcanic power.
Emerging Life.
Emerging Culture.

Cirque Serenade
Vignettes of Broadway Glamor
Operatic Grandeur, and
Cirque - Mystique
Tropical Exotica
A Rainforest Rhapsody of
Primal Rhythms and
Visual Fantasy
Adagio Water-Color Ballet:
An undulating liquid tapestry of
Sound & Movement

Fire and Ice
The Mythic Drama of
"Hi'iaka" the Snow Queen, &
"Pe-le" the Fire Goddess

From Flaming Acrobatics
To Blazing Martial Arts...
Filled with Fiery Mystique